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Analysis and Synthesis of Networked Control Systems

A network sensor system whose sensors are spatially distributed and networked is a powerful tool to obtain temporal and spatial information. We propose analysis and synthesis techniques to operate networked sensor systems more effectively and efficiently.

Fast and Optimal Sensor Scheduling

It is not necessary that all the sensors in a networked sensor systems always operate. Conversely, restriction of available sensors is good for power saving. We have proposed sensor scheduling techniques for the effective use of large-scale networked sensor systems.


Our works: - S. Arai, Y. Iwatani, and K. Hashimoto. Fast and optimal sensor scheduling for networked sensor systems. In Proc. of the 47th IEEE Conference on Decision and Control, Cancun, Mexico, December 2008. - S. Arai, Y. Iwatani, and K. Hashimoto. Optimal sensor scheduling of sensors in a sensor network for mobile robot navigation. In Proc. of American Control Conference 2007, pp. 1027-1032, New York City, USA, July 2007.