[To students who want to join my group]

It is my policy that all non-japanese students must have a scholarship.

The Japanese government (Monbu-kagaku-sho) scholarship is the best one but other scholarships can be considered. This policy is not only for you to improve your economical situation. It is also important for me. Scholarship application is good to evaluate your enthusiasm and your research potential. If you have some restrictions or difficulties to apply for a scholarship please explain the reason clearly.

If you need my agreement as a possible supervisor, then please send me your CV and research plan. When you want to proceed to the PhD course, the research plan should be a concrete and practical one. "I want to learn something." and "I want to make a super-humanoid." are not sufficient for your research plan. At the first contact, only your CV and research plan are needed. I do not need the copies of your scores or certificates. Please do not send me big files as mail attachments.

Finally when you send me an email please clearly state that you have read this message. Otherwise, I will not respond to your email.